As a woman who enjoys traveling solo, I never gave much thought to finding a travel buddy until I met Cecelia. Stranded by bad weather in the Toronto airport, we were both struggling to get comfortable for a floor nap. She was my exact opposite: tall, quiet and neatly dressed. I griped about missing my connection to Brussels, and a long-awaited chocolatier interview. She whipped out a box of liqueur-filled Belgian chocolates from her designer handbag, and became my new best friend.

Since then, we’ve traveled together to Spain, Ireland and Croatia. She loves posh boutiques and snazzy restaurants; I love forest trails, locally brewed beer and thrifty guest houses. We have nothing in common except our fascination with new places, and our search for the perfect cappuccino.

The best road buddy doesn’t have to share your interests–just your travel philosophy. Cecelia knows she’s welcome to hike with me—and I know I’m welcome to join her for a caviar brunch—but we’re perfectly happy to separate for the day and meet back up for dessert.

We are starting to rub off on each other, though. Last year, she persuaded me to spend an entire day in an upscale Italian spa. She doesn’t know it yet, but this year she’ll be eating haggis in the Scottish Highlands.


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