I’m not ashamed to admit it: I still read Cosmo.

I am, however, ashamed to buy it in the grocery store. (They cancelled my subscription recently. Apparently my name came up on some AARP Wikileak.)

Paris by Starlight

Paris by Starlight

So I send my daughter to buy it. Or I steal it from the manicurist’s waiting room.

In the 1980’s, when I was a young woman just entering the world of adult dating, Cosmo was my secret goldmine of information. Sure, it was shallow and slick and a little too enthusiastic about casual sex. But where else was I going to learn how to Find the Perfect Little Black Dress! And How to Make the First Move! Best Sex Vacations! And of course, 15 Easy Ways to Make Him Fall for You!

Despite the superficiality, Cosmo influenced my view of the world. When editor Helen Gurley Brown wrote, “Good girls go to heaven; bad girls go everywhere,” she was talking to me! I wanted to go everywhere, too! To London and Rome, to Australia and Alaska, to the moon and back.

Even now, I keep a “go bag” packed, just in case a random plane ticket to Paris falls into my inbox. Again.

Admittedly, recent issues are more amusing than useful for a mature single girl with plenty of life experience. I enjoyed reading 18 Sex Moves He’ll Love, but we didn’t have the required equipment to actually try them out.

Living the Cosmo Life in Greece

Living the Cosmo Life in Greece

My friends may have moved on to more age-appropriate reading material like (gasp) Ladies Home Journal, but I am still living my life by the Cosmo girl mantra:

  1. You’re fabulous! So be happy.
  2. Drink the good scotch.
  3. Keep a few condoms in your purse.
  4. And don’t worry … true love is just around the corner.

How’s that working for me, you ask? Well, it’s been pretty awesome so far, thanks. And … I’m going to get that AARP thing expunged.

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