Just got back from Boston, where they party like it’s 1776! Had an amazing time at the New England RWA Writers’ Conference, where I got inspiration and instruction — and margaritas — from best-selling authors, including Zoe York and Damon Suede

Zoe York’s keynote luncheon address brought me to tears; she spoke lovingly and longingly of her late mom, the writer, creator and founder of The Compleat Mother magazine, which advocated for breastfeeding, attachment parenting and natural childbirth. This magazine — and Zoe’s mom —  heavily influenced my decision to nurse my daughter in the not-so-pro-breastfeeding environment of the 1980’s, despite the vocal disapproval from my family. By the time my last child was born in 1999, public opinion about nursing your baby had turned 180 degrees, due in no small part to The Compleat Mother. I loved having the opportunity to share that story with Zoe!

As for Damon Suede … I wandered into his Indelible Dialogue workshop in search of more tequila, but I stayed for his single-malt voice. I downloaded his highly-acclaimed romance, Hot Head, in the 10-minute break before the next workshop, and read the whole thing at the airport/on the plane Sunday. I actually LEFT A BAR because omg wtf is (Hot Head hero) Griff gonna do? (If you knew me, you’d know — I don’t leave Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel for nobody.)

The story — the unexpected love blooming between two male best friends — is totally outside my frame of reference. And still as familiar as my own skin. If there were ever a perfect example of Love is Love, this is it.

Anyway, I’m all riled up about it, and I’ll be following Damon all around the internet now.

I’m headed to Washington, DC next week, for the People’s Climate March. Join me in DC, at a sister march, or live on Twitter on April 29!

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