A community organizer and civil rights activist, Kathleen Bolden founded the Warren-Sharpe Community Center to support and empower at-risk youth and their families. Her campaigns for peace and justice continued until her untimely death at age 57. This collection of essays — written by the people who knew her, loved her and fought by her side — chronicles the life of this extraordinary woman through childhood and motherhood, civil unrest and social injustice, tragedy and triumph. All proceeds benefit youth programs at Warren-Sharpe Center.

Inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama, the children of Warren-Sharpe Community Center planted an urban garden. Soon they were harvesting vegetables and cooking healthy meals for everyone on their block.

In August, 2015 they would step onto the South Lawn of the White House, and see for themselves that dreams can come true.

In a neighborhood with more guns than jobs, the Warren-Sharpe kids created a garden of hope. Veggie Casserole is the story of what they’ve learned — about gardening and cooking, about reclaiming their community, and about building the future with their own hands.

All proceeds from this book benefit youth and garden programs at Warren-Sharpe Community Center.

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