Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour

And, no, I don’t mean the French kings from two centuries ago. I mean the decadent bourbon choices I have this holiday season. Thanksgiving always reminds me of the long, agonizing night I spent in Kentucky with some backcountry hunters, hell-bent on shooting turkeys. I survived solely because of Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon and one strutting gobbler, hell-bent on escape. (Don’t ever stalk a turkey. EVER. Go buy one at Piggly-Wiggly and we’ll all sleep easier.)

But the Bulleit Straight Frontier Bourbon is a mixologist’s dream, and does not cause recurring nightmares. The Buffalo Trace Bourbon, another fine choice, needs nothing more than a splash of water to achieve perfection.

Bourbon cocktails and crisp autumn leaves go together like … well, like Christmas & Egg Nog, New Year’s Eve & Champagne, Monday & Jack Daniel’s. Whether you’re serving up a fresh gobbler, a Cajun turducken or a vegan Tofurky, there’s a perfect whiskey sidecar. Need something herbaceous and fragrant? Nothing beats sips of Rosemary Bourbon Sour while you nibble your sage stuffing. 

bourbon-spiked-apple-ciderThis Bourbon Apple Cider is lighter and fruitier, and a great accompaniment to pre-game snacking. For dessert, try this adult-only Frozen Turkey milkshake.

Happy Thanksgiving, from my barstool to yours. And FYI, stay the hell out of Kentucky, unless you’re a serious drinker. Those guys play with live rounds.



*Pictured above: Irish Hazelnut Cream Cocktail

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