Hi, I’m Kay Bolden. I’m a travel writer, speaker and explorer.

My love of wild places and exceptional spirits has taken me all over Europe and South America. Right now I’m training for a 2018 vodka hiking tour of Greenland and Iceland.

Are you wanting to take a solo trip, but have kids/parents/spouses depending on you?

Are you a little nervous about traveling alone?

Is time playing that trick on you–suddenly it’s next month or next year and you still haven’t found time to get away?

Do you need just a little silence, a little natural beauty, a few moments to re-connect with your spirituality?

You’re in the right place! I share stories about:

  • How other moms have planned their trips around kids, spouses and jobs.
  • How commuter traffic and Whole Foods have already honed your survival skills.
  • How to quickly fit in wherever you go.
  • Why you shouldn’t wait until you have enough time or money to travel.
  • Why you can always trust the Universe to know what it’s doing. Even when it’s not clear to you. (And it rarely is. Clear, I mean.)

I’ve written a couple of books  (She Lives in You! The Kathleen Bolden Story and Veggie Casserole: Kids Cook the Darndest Thingsand a few articles for Woman’s Day, Mothering Magazine, American Baby, the Chicago Tribune, Chicken Soup for the Single’s Soul, Chocolate for a Woman’s Courage.

If you’re interested in travel or backpacking or cocktails or life, please get in touch and share your thoughts and your adventures. Just tweet me!





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