Hi, I’m Kay Bolden. I’m a travel writer, speaker and explorer. I motivate and inspire women to travel solo, unplug from the crazy, and let Nature heal your heart. Because–trust me– everything looks better after a long hike in the woods and a bottle of good scotch.

My love of wild places and exceptional spirits has taken me all over Europe and South America. Right now I’m training for a 2018 vodka hiking tour of Greenland and Iceland.

I write about:

  • How to plan your escape around kids, significant others and jobs.
  • How commuter traffic and Whole Foods have honed your survival skills.
  • How to talk to the ghosts in old castles and forts.
  • How to quickly fit in wherever you go.
  • Why you shouldn’t wait until you have enough time or money to travel.
  • Why you can always trust the Universe to know what it’s doing. Even when it’s not clear to you. (And it rarely is. Clear, I mean.)

I’ve written a couple of books  (She Lives in You! The Kathleen Bolden Story and Veggie Casserole: Kids Cook the Darndest Thingsand a few articles for Woman’s Day, Mothering Magazine, American Baby, the Chicago Tribune, Chicken Soup for the Single’s Soul, Chocolate for a Woman’s Courage.

If you’re interested in travel or backpacking or cocktails or life, please get in touch and share your thoughts and your adventures. Just tweet me!


Hiking New Mexico