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Daily Archives: October 19, 2017

In Fantasy Football, the Future is Female

I never watched football growing up. A brute’s game, my dad would say. Baseball — that’s a thinking man’s game. I spent half my childhood watching classic baseball with him at Comiskey Park. (Don’t mention the words designated hitter to him. Just don’t.) So, five years ago, when my friends were short a man for their all-male fantasy football league and asked me to play, I laughed. Football? Please. It’s coarse and dirty and oh-so-beneath me. But they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse — unlimited Jack Daniel’s during football season — and I joined up. They hugged me and winked and punched each other’s biceps. They named the league the Men of the Night’s Watch, like the Game of Thrones geeks they are, and I got ready for the season. Since I didn’t know a quarterback from…