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Daily Archives: September 22, 2017

The Power of Failure

If you want to empower girls, you have to let them fail. After a week of cool but unusually sunny weather in southern Scotland, I arrived in Fort William, ready to hike Ben Nevis. I needed to get my first lungful of Highland air, and stock supplies for the next 7 days on the Great Glen Way. The rain hit first thing in the morning. A sprinkle at first, then sheets of icy drizzle, then a downpour. This did not surprise me. It is Scotland, after all. I had rain gear and waterproof hiking boots and a good supply of single-malt.   What did surprise me was the number of young parents with little kids out on what was now a treacherously slick path, especially headed uphill. One family, obviously on holiday, was picking its way up the rocky slope. Mom and dad, boy and girl and baby. Right…