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Daily Archives: July 16, 2017

Unleash Your Inner Beagle

I stumbled off the plane at O’Hare, dragging my smelly backpack and my bad attitude with me. I’d spent 6 hours in turbulence, 4 hours sleeping like a pretzel at Heathrow, 2 hours on a bus, and 90 minutes on a sardine flight from Inverness, Scotland, where my luggage was still being held hostage. My weeks of hiking in the Highlands had been a dream come true, but getting home was a nightmare. Passport control at O’Hare – if you’ve never had the pleasure – is like swimming through muddy water. With electric eels. Today, in addition to the usual delays, there were dogs everywhere. Beagles and hounds and one stunning German Shepherd. Don’t get me wrong. I like dogs. I have a dog. But with no sleep, no coffee and no shower, I was in no mood for a drug sniffing slow-down in the already…