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Monthly Archives: June 2017

We’ll Always Have Paris

Well. Maybe we won’t have Paris. Not the Paris Climate Accord anyway. But no matter what the White House says, climate change is the fundamental challenge of this century. And how we respond will be our defining moment as Americans. Last week, the Trump administration announced that the United States would not honor our commitment to the Paris Climate Accord. As the world’s most industrialized and prosperous nation, we are also the world’s biggest polluter – and we should be the global leader in what will be the fundamental challenge of this century: climate change. Despite science denial in the White House, our planet is getting warmer every year, mainly due to burning fossil fuels. We burn fossil fuels in our cars and airplanes, in power plants and factories. Oil is used in cosmetics, medicines, fabrics – and even the toothpaste you used this morning. The pollutants we…