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Daily Archives: February 26, 2017

Go Ahead. Try the Haggis.

This post appears in 18 Health Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make by Nicole Akers. Click here to get your free copy.   I was six days into a muddy, solo trek in the Scottish Highlands, when I encountered an American couple starting their first long-distance hike. Delighted to have found each other, we slogged on to a tiny pub for dinner, toasted each other with local whiskey, and traded stories of our adventures. Then it was time to order the meal. “I really want to try Scottish food,” she said. “Haggis and black pudding,” he said, neither of which was on the menu. The server glanced nervously toward the kitchen, and suggested some nice hot, vegetable soup. They insisted, however, and the server complied with their special order. Haggis, if you haven’t had the pleasure, consists of sheep organs, oatmeal, suet and other things best…